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Beware of these 6 Coworkers in Every Office

November 13, 2018
Your place of employment can sometimes feel like a battlefield. You may have certain coworkers you strictly avoid, while others you pair up with at the first opportunity. Then, there are coworkers that fall somewhere in the middle: they may seem friendly, when really they are your enemies. Watch out for these people, as they can be bad news for your personal and profession...

Can You Get Fired for Calling in Sick in Florida?

Dealing with a serious illness that forces you to take leave from work is bad enough. Receiving a phone call from your boss telling you not to bother coming back at all can make things worse. Unfortunately, in Florida, your employer may have the right to fire you for calling in sick. No law forces employers to give employees paid or unpaid sick leave. Your employer may gra...

Can I get fired in Florida for No reason?

When you go to work for a company in Florida, you may assume you have a reasonable amount of job security. For example, you may think your employer needs just cause to fire you, and if that happens, he or she must at least give you some type of severance package. Unfortunately, neither of these assumptions are true. Florida is an at-will state, meaning Read More

Can My Employer Fire Me for Smoking Marijuana in Florida?

October 11, 2018
Marijuana laws have changed drastically throughout the country in the past several years, and many people are attempting to reconcile state laws with the federal government’s Schedule I classification of marijuana and employee codes of conduct for various employers. Some Florida residents may wonder if they can lose their jobs for legally consuming cannabis with a valid ...

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