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Can I Be Fired for Going to Rehab in Florida?

January 10, 2019
Addiction can ruin or take a life. Rehab is often the only way toward a cure. Deciding whether to go to rehab for addiction treatment can be lifesaving and can be a benefit to finances and quality of life down the line. However, it is a difficult decision to make. One of the top reasons individuals who know they are suffering from addiction do not check into rehab is th...

How to Deal With a Difficult Boss

November 13, 2018
Your odds of encountering at least one “jerk boss” are high as a hardworking Florida employee. Whether you end up with the boss that forces you to answer work-related phone calls after hours or the boss that berates you in front of your fellow employees, you aren’t alone in your struggle. In fact, bad bosses are so common there are laws in place to protect employees ...

Beware of these 6 Employees in Every Office

Your place of employment can sometimes feel like a battlefield. You may have certain coworkers you strictly avoid, while others you pair up with at the first opportunity. Then, there are coworkers that fall somewhere in the middle: they may seem friendly, when really they can be just that. Here are six common types of workplace personalities that may Read More

Can You Get Fired for Calling in Sick in Florida?

Dealing with a serious illness that forces you to take leave from work is bad enough. Receiving a phone call from your boss telling you not to bother coming back at all can make things worse. Unfortunately, in Florida, your employer may have the right to fire you for calling in sick. No law forces employers to give employees paid or unpaid sick leave. Your employer may gra...

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