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Florida Construction Shortage – What This Could Mean Moving Forward

September 19, 2018
Construction projects in Florida have come to a halt around the state due to a serious worker shortage. Lack of available contractors is a “pretty significant crisis,” according to the Vice President of Oper...

What Are Florida’s Statute of Limitations on Workplace Violation Claims? 

Worker rights violations are serious infringements that deserve legal action. Workplace discrimination or harassment can cost an employee personal and financial loss, including lost income and damage to reputation. If you believe you have grounds to file a workplace violation in Florida, discuss ...

Could the 2018 Trade War Result in a Florida Farm Worker Shortage?

August 17, 2018
Florida and California share much of the same agricultural products and industry, which makes California’s recent shortage in farm workers concerning for Florida farmers. Without enough workers to harvest the crops, even the most successful yields will take an ec...

What Does Age Discrimination Look Like in the Workplace?

July 5, 2018
State and federal laws bar discrimination in employment and housing with regard to several factors, including faith, race, ethnicity, and age. Unfortunately, age discrimination in the workplace can and does occur regularly, despite laws banning it. Why does ageism run so rampant in the workplace, and how can employees recognize the signs? Consider how this insidious issue ...

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