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8 Workplace Rights Employers Might Not Tell You

October 11, 2018
The vast majority of employment in the United States occurs on an at-will basis. This means that unless a specific contract exists stating otherwise, an employee can leave a job at any time for any reason at all or for no reason, and employers have the right to fire employees for any legal reason or no reason at all. Specific employees’ contracts, written promises, and e...

How Do You File a Complaint Against Your Employer?

Many federal and state laws are in place to protect the rights of American workers, and some employees find themselves in situations requiring legal action against an employer. If you suffered an injury due to a negligent employer or need to report a compliance violation or workplace misconduct, it’s essential to know how to navigate these processes. If an employer’s ...

Florida Construction Shortage – What This Could Mean Moving Forward

September 19, 2018
Construction projects in Florida have come to a halt around the state due to a serious worker shortage. Lack of available contractors is a “pretty significant crisis,” according to the Vice President of Oper...

What Are Florida’s Statute of Limitations on Workplace Violation Claims? 

Worker rights violations are serious infringements that deserve legal action. Workplace discrimination or harassment can cost an employee personal and financial loss, including lost income and damage to reputation. If you believe you have grounds to file a workplace violation in Florida, discuss ...

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