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2019 Law Protections in Florida Workplaces

January 18, 2019
Florida employers must comply with employment laws throughout the process of hiring and firing employees for a business. These laws help to protect those individuals applying for a job, and, in the end, they also protect the employer from a hefty lawsuit. Laws are in place to be sure that employees receive a fair wage for their work and keep employers from making unfair de...

Can My Employer Fire Me for Smoking Marijuana in Florida?

October 11, 2018
Marijuana laws have changed drastically throughout the country in the past several years, and many people are attempting to reconcile state laws with the federal government’s Schedule I classification of marijuana and employee codes of conduct for various employers. Some Florida residents may wonder if they can lose their jobs for legally consuming cannabis with a valid ...

Florida Construction Shortage – What This Could Mean Moving Forward

September 19, 2018
Construction projects in Florida have come to a halt around the state due to a serious worker shortage. Lack of available contractors is a “pretty significant crisis,” according to the Vice President of Operations for Tampa’s KAST Construction, Sean Ouellette – one that has led to significant delays on many local projects throughout the Bay Area. Not having enough...

What Are Florida’s Statute of Limitations on Workplace Violation Claims? 

Worker rights violations are serious infringements that deserve legal action. Workplace discrimination or harassment can cost an employee personal and financial loss, including lost income and damage to reputation. If you believe you have grounds to file a workplace violation in Florida, discuss your case with an attorney who can explain the implications and exceptions to ...

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