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Florida Non-Compete Agreements

January 15, 2020
Florida Non-Compete Agreements: A Complete Guide A "non-compete" and other "restrictive covenant" agreements are contractual agreements where an employee promises not to compete with a business during employment, or for a defined time and in a specified location post-employment. A non-compete can prevent employees, contractors, licensees, and distributors from becoming a ...

At Will Employment Laws by State

January 13, 2020
In the United States, at-will employment is a commonly accepted labor practice – every state and the District of Columbia enforce at-will employment policies in some form. However, some states have exceptions to these laws, in order to give employees more rights against potentially advantageous employers. Which states have exceptions to at-will employment? With assist...

Wrongful Termination Checklist

December 18, 2019
Wrongful Termination Checklist - Were You Fired Illegally?  Have you been fired recently? Did you know some terminations are considered unlawful? Do you suspect that you may have been fired illegally? Please read the FGBO Law’s wrongful termination checklist below. Discrimination Do you have evidence that you were fired based on discrimination? For example, a wri...

Forced to Quit: Do You Qualify for a Constructive Discharge?

November 25, 2019
Forced to Quit: Do you qualify for a Constructive Discharge? Do you feel that you were forced to quit your job due to intolerable work conditions or treatment? Did you know that in some circumstances, a resignation could be treated the same as a termination? Your resignation under these types of situations is known as constructive discharge or constructive termination. Th...

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